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A valid drivers license and a US Passport must accompany all applications. If you are not a US Citizen, we would like to see a passport from your current country of citizenship. If you are in this country legally, please provide documentation. If you do not have these items I would like to see whatever identification you do have. If you are a homeowner I would like to see your mortgage statement. If you rent, please supply copies of utility bills in your name, i.e., electric, telephone, etc. If you fax your application with missing information, Identification, or signatures, it will end up in the postponement the defendants release.

After you download the application, please fill it in all spaces as completely as possible. If you do not understand something, please ask. If something does not pertain to you such as AKA's, or Tattoos, please indicating so by placing a not applicable in the corresponding space. Do not leave any spaces blank.

Your browser may open the document for viewing or may start to download it to your system. If your browser opens the document for viewing be sure to select Save As from the File menu. In either case your browser will prompt you for the location to save it in. Please make a note of this location and the file name since you will need to know this to find the document after it has been downloaded.

Please note that you need to have a current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader on your system in order to access the PDF version of the document. If you don't have it please retrieve the Reader application free of charge from Adobe Systems. Click on document below to begin download.

  1. Defendant Information
  2. Co-Signor / Indemnitor
  3. Bail Agreement
  4. Trust Deed
  5. Payment Plan
  6. Credit Card Authorization
  7. Disclosure Statement
  8. Notice to Indemnitor
  9. Privacy Disclosure
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